10 useful apps that should be installed on your iPhone

iOS provides users with a huge application store. In particular, Remote Mouse, Any List or Fing brings many necessary features to the user.

Remote Mouse: The app allows users to turn their iPhone or iPad into a remote touchpad. Remote Mouse also supports text input with the virtual keyboard on the phone screen.

Any List is considered to be one of the leading applications for controlling shopping lists and recipes. It also allows users to bookmark purchased items on the list.

Fing: The app allows users to control devices that are using their Internet. It will make a list of devices accessing the Wi-Fi network to notify users. This app is useful for those who want to make sure no one is using their wireless network.

Photo Scan: It will be difficult for users to take a photo or document without glare. To solve this problem, Google created PhotoScan capable of taking many photos at different angles, then combine them into a complete picture.

Cloud Baby Monitor: If families have young children, they will not be able to stop thinking about them every time they leave home. Cloud Baby Monitor allows users to view and talk to them via old mobile devices from anywhere.

Magic Plan: The application supports users to measure the floor fairly accurately. By using camera and some sensor features. Magic Plan is quite useful and fast in many cases.

Swiftkey: This application allows users to swipe their fingers across different letters on the on-screen keyboard to compose text. Swiftkey will help users save a lot of time when texting or entering data.

Lake: Lake is a coloring application for both adults and children, helping users to relieve stress. The application supports many different types of brushes and paintings for free. New coloring pictures can be unlocked every day.

Duolingo: Doulingo is a pretty useful application for those who want to start learning a new language. Doulingo turns lessons into a game that helps users learn vocabulary and sentence structure while reducing stress. One of its advantages is Vietnamese language support.

Vanido: Like a music teacher who provides daily lessons, Vanido is a good choice for singing lovers. The application provides users with exercises about pitch and technique when singing. At the same time, Vanido also gives practical comments on daily exercises to help users identify weaknesses and make corrections.