6 gym mobile apps that have the most downloads nowadays (Part 1)

On CH Play store, or App Store, there are many different gym and fitness applications. Therefore, sometimes you get confused when you do not know what is the best app, gym application, fitness application. Below are six gym apps that have the most downloads nowadays.

  1. Belife gym application

When it comes to the best app or gym app right now, it’s impossible not to mention Belife.

Belife recently is not only mentioned as an effective Gym application with specific instructional videos, and exercises divided by major muscle groups: Chest, Butt, Bucket, Shoulder, etc.

But also a lot of people love it, because it is also a community for practicing enthusiasts.

When using this application you will have more for yourself the following benefits:

There is a huge practice library, and every day is updated with more instructional videos from the individual coaches using this app.

If you are tired of practicing at home, you can easily search for gyms around you thanks to this Belife gym app.

You can buy individual packages, coach packages online right on the app with very fast and simple operations. You will quickly get a toned body thanks to specific advice by leading experts.

Because Belife is a community specializing in practice, you can also share your video here to be able to ask for more opinions and experiences of professional people. Or simply to make friends with people who share the same passion.

  1. Home Workouts Gym Pro

The training guides on this gym app are designed with 3D animated videos. This gym app will help you build a workout routine for your major muscle groups scientifically.

With the exercises of abdomen, chest, arms, etc. Home Workouts Gym Pro creates training plans, diets suitable for each user’s purpose: Building muscles, losing weight, tightening muscles, etc.

It’s no exaggeration, when we can compare the Home Workouts Gym Pro to the personal fitness HVL at home for each person. When it comes to exercise reminders, it keeps track of your progress and weight level during training.