Best mobile games to play (part 3)


For those who have somehow never heard of 2048, this game is quite easy before you add strategy to the game. You have a board (4 x 4) with randomly generated 4s and 2s popping up. Whenever you swipe down, up, right, or left, all the tiles will then slide in that direction. Once two tiles of a similar number connect in a slide, these will combine and double the value. 

The aim of the game, technically, is to create a tile of the 2048 value, but a lot of people have gone far beyond so by now. This game requires plenty of strategies since you must not let the tiles of different value block each other. Whenever you slide, two more 4s or 2s appear on the board, thus potentially blocking up your other tiles. You know, when you have high-value tiles, it is harder to keep the game going. 

Color Switch

For another popular game, this one has been made available without download! It is straightforward but aggravating. Here, you play as the bouncing ball that goes up endlessly. You cannot pause or stop since the ball will fall. You will then lose. You need to click on it so that it can bounce up with hitting your screen’s bottom.

The hard part about this game is that the ball changes color. No matter what color it is, this is the only color that it can touch. When you progress, there are spinning colors’ rings that will destroy the ball if it reaches the ring, which is not the same color. From time to time, there is a ball that is colored in between these rings. It will change your color. Keep track of which color you are and not let the ball drop. Good luck trying!