Facebook stopped cooperating with Huawei

According to Facebook, their applications will no longer be preinstalled on Huawei phones.

According to the latest report from Reuters, Facebook Inc said it will not pre-install its applications on Huawei phones. This is considered the latest blow to China’s giant technology company as it struggles to maintain its business in the face of a ban on access to US technology and products.

Facebook told Reuters, people who are currently using Huawei phones can still use their apps and get updates. But the new Huawei phones will no longer be preinstalled with Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram apps.


Smartphone vendors often sign business agreements to pre-install popular applications like Facebook. Applications including Twitter and Booking.com are also preinstalled on Huawei phones in many markets. Twitter Inc declined to comment, and Booking Holdings did not respond to requests for feedback.

The move from Facebook could impact Huawei Technology’s sales prospects when its smartphone business has become their largest revenue segment last year, with strong growth in sales from Asia and Europe. Europe.

Earlier, Google also said it would no longer provide Android software for Huawei phones, after the 90-day deadline for suspending the US government’s ban ended in August. But the Play Store app store and Google apps still appear on Huawei’s phones.

Although Facebook applications are not preinstalled, buyers of existing Huawei phones can still download the app from Play Store. However, future Huawei phone versions will not be able to access Google Play Store and install applications from there, unless the US government removes the ban.

Huawei said it had prepared for a situation where a US ban was imposed and pledged not to have any disruptions. But some consumers at stores in Europe and Asia said they were reluctant to buy Huawei phones when they were facing uncertainty, and analysts were expecting sales. Huawei phones will plummet.