Mobile app trends (part 2)

  1. Mobile-First Indexing

Google has worked on it for making websites more friendly to the mobile. As much of the current market has been shifting away towards mobile phones from home desktops, Google has taken steps for ensuring mobile-friendly websites can rank better in its eyes. It will monitor sites as well as determining how they would rank depending on the criteria of Google, which now prioritizes mobile-friendly websites. In other words, features such as simple-to-use buttons, proper formatting, quick loading, etc. will lead to higher website ranking. To boost the ranking of your website on mobile, you should have a decent mobile site which is different from the desktop site.

  1. Personalized Mobile Experiences

In a similar vein to the previous point, firms have poured resources into improving the overall mobile experience for their customers. The improvements have to do with personalizing experiences for them. Customers can select which way of communication they prefer and then the firm will contact them via that channel. Firms will also display customers items for sale based on their data. The things that they are shown are relevant to them. Such a practice boosts sales since customers are prone to purchase something once it is appropriate.

  1. Voice Search and Commands

Voice search is among the biggest and latest technologies that have gone through a boom. Expectedly, voice search as one retail segment will increase to 40 Billion USD by 2022. Siri and other virtual assistants are likely to handle the most complex orders quickly soon. When voice recognition’s sophistication rises, we will be able to emerge from the uncanny valley’s other side. It is now not possible to get a full conversation with the virtual assistant, yet it will change soon. Let’s wait for it patiently! And enjoy the benefits to the max!