The 10 biggest social networks in the world in 2019

With the pace of information technology development today, it is not difficult to see that social networks are becoming an essential part of human life turned into the 2nd world today and there are many questions that are the list of the top largest social networks in the world today in 2019 or the majority of questions about the size of social networks.

Assembly is also often mentioned as: popular social networks in Korea, the largest social network in the world, the largest social network in China, social networks on mobile, etc. can say yes A lot, a lot, and today we’re going to look at the top 10 names.

Top 10 largest social networks in the world today in 2019

Top 1 – Facebook

This is still the largest social network currently known in the world with 2,130,000,000 active every month, the development of is becoming the “virtual country” with the largest population in the world at the present time.

Top 2 – YouTube

YouTube is a video sharing website, where users can upload or download to a computer or phone and share video clips. YouTube was created by three former PayPal employees in mid-February 2005. But YouTube has now become the second largest search channel in the world after google and is the largest video sharing social network in the world. In terms of magnitude in all social networks, YouTube became the 2nd place after facebook with 1,500,000,000 members registered each month.

Top 3 – Instagram

Instagram is a free photo sharing software that allows users to take photos on their phones, add image filters, and then share on various social networks, including Instagram. And since Facebook acquired Instagram, it has quickly grown stronger thanks to the synchronization between two social networks, facebook and instagram.

Top 4 – Twitter

There was a time when twitter became the tycoon of social networks with the convenience and quick sharing of twitter used by a lot of lovers because it allows to summarize news quickly so it is still Social networks are very much used by busy people than facebook. The number of twitter members received each month is up to 330,000,000.