The gloomy fate of Vertu mobile (Part 2)

Vertu offers a second-class experience at a price that can buy dozens of first-class smartphones. The allure of crocodile skin, sapphire screen or titanium case loses most of its meaning when the experience of using Vertu is too poor for “regular” smartphones.

That’s why Vertu sank into hardship. In the past, Vertu was successful thanks to two factors. The user experience is still similar to the majority of phones on the market, and the quality of manufacturing is superior.

iPhone was born, Samsung exploded, Vertu was pushed into a difficult position when it also admitted it would never “catch up with the leading technologies”. Vertu’s existence has a big flaw. Why do the customers who have a lot of money still have to accept the experience of third and fourth grade mobile phone?

Even the concept of experience changes over the years – when new chips are born, when developers improve the configuration, when Google updates Android. It is hard for Vertu smartphones to hold on to a lasting meaning like a Patek Philippe watch or a Mont Blanc pen. By 10, 20 or 50 years, the clock is still on time, the pen is still writing. Using a smartphone that was launched 7 years ago will certainly be an extreme for any user of 2019.

On the other side, the person who gave birth to the concept of “a phone that needs to be replaced every few years” is still living well. Last quarter, the iPhone brought Apple $ 33.36 billion, 550 times the amount Vertu “sold” in 2017. iPhone revenue is also a number that no other company can match even if more smartphones are sold.

Why? Because of being at the forefront of the smartphone war, thanks to its own operating system, Apple has created the image “highest experience” with the majority of consumers. No matter who speaks in and out, Apple is still considered the most coveted smartphone. The gold-studded services encrusted with the iPhone are now mushrooming, while Vertu has yet to regain glory.

In other words, iPhone’s development has killed Vertu.