The reasons why iPhone 7 worth buying than Iphone XI (Part 1)

We had quite a bit of information around the next Apple iPhone, which could be called iPhone XI. The next flagship of Apple promises to be an extremely powerful device, upgraded both in design and configuration, but certainly the price will also increase significantly. Therefore, if you are looking to buy yourself a “phone” of Apples, then surely iPhone 7 is the brightest choice.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why iPhone 7 is the “worth money” phone at the moment:

  1. The price is cheaper than the new iPhone

iPhone 7 is currently sold by Apple for only 449 USD, while iPhone 7 Plus is 569. If you choose Refurbished version (change warranty), it is even cheaper. Meanwhile, iPhone XI will have the same price as iPhone XS – ie 999 USD before tax.

  1. Camera of iPhone 7 is still very good

iPhone 7 has a 7MP selfie camera with 12MP dual camera. iPhone XI is expected to have 3 rear cameras including 2 12MP sensors and camera field camera to serve virtual reality applications and to “line” the AR glass to be released in 2020. But At the moment, only one main camera and “remove font” camera is enough to live virtual. iPhone 7 Plus fully meets this need of the majority of users.

  1. iPhone 7 is still Touch ID

Apple said that Face ID – face recognition system on iPhone X, iPhone XR and iPhone XS, has a higher security than Touch ID.

However, in fact, the Touch ID is still fast and works much more effectively than Face ID. The Touch ID may not receive fingerprints when it comes to water, but Face ID is not good when it does not recognize if scanning at the wrong angle, or when wearing sunglasses, …

  1. iPhone 7 also uses iOS fast and just like iPhone XI

iPhone 7 and iPhone XI both run iOS – Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. This means that users will enjoy the same updates, services, and security levels on these two machines.

Last year, iOS 12 also supported iPhone 5S, so almost certainly iOS 13 will be compatible with both iPhone