The Top Advantages of Playing Mobile Games

According to many studies, playing games brings various benefits, from relieving depression and reducing stress levels to enhancing skills. Below we have listed some top benefits they bring to players.

1. Boost your mood

As per studies, online gaming can relieve depression, enhance mood, and decrease stress levels as it raises right alpha brain wave activity. This a phenomenon related to excitement and happy behaviors. Thus, whether you play online games for challenging other competitors or for relaxation and entertainment, you enjoy the same results: you will be in a better mood.

2. Sharpen the brain

Games help improve your brain significantly. According to research, playing online games can change the brain regions with responsibility for attention and visuospatial skills and increase their efficiency. Also, playing mobile games benefit memory. Games that ask you to memorize and be fully informed about some patterns and tasks (blackjack and poker, etc.) boost your brain function in a way that other media like TV shows and movies can’t do.

3. Enhance social skills

Many games motivate your communication and teamwork to attain your objectives. There’re games that winning is impossible if you try to achieve the objective on your own.

4. Make you physical

Games promote your level of interaction, whether it’s a whole-body level or a simple handheld controller. Sports games that engage you in tennis, basketball, or skateboarding can help you practice the same skills outdoors. 

5. Spark your interest in other activities

For their relevance and engagement, all kinds of games need to use some themes to make the gameplay contextual and meaningful or steer their stories. The games not just keep you strongly attracted to the game but increase your interest in other activities. For instance, if you are playing a game set in a specific period of history, you may end up purchasing some books about that period, igniting your passion for history. 

6. Cure your cravings

Those who are addicted to smoking, drinking or food can reach for a mouse to control their desire. A study showed a decrease of over 20% in the desire for their bad habit after playing a puzzle game.