Top 5 fitness apps to help you stay at home and still look perfect (Part 1)

5 apps below can be an effective solution for those who want to be beautiful but lazy to go to the gym.

Many people want to have a fiery body, a healthy body, but do not want to “shuffle” to the gym. According to the latest statistics from Finder Research Company, 5 million Americans spent a total of nearly 2 billion USD to buy gym membership card but … did not use.

5 applications below can be an effective solution for both women and men to exercise at home, even reaping satisfactory results.

  1. Aaptiv

PT, also known as personal coach, always plays an extremely important role in helping you achieve your training goals. However, it will not be a “soft” price if you want to put your trust in a quality PT.

Aaptiv is a sports application that works through audio instruction. All we need to do is choose the exercise, turn on the volume and practice according to what we hear.

Not only possesses a treasure of more than 3,000 different exercises with a variety of subjects, Aaptiv also offers a workout plan that is suitable for each person’s location. New exercises will be updated weekly, helping the practitioner always feel fresh and not be bored.

Just cost $15 monthly registration, users have the opportunity to learn and practice subjects such as jogging, swimming, gym, cycling to weightlifting, boxing.

  1. Fitbod

Fitbod is a completely free application that uses artificial intelligence to assist users in making exercise plans to achieve specific goals.

Instead of letting the apprentice plan his own practice, Fitbod acts as a personal coach, providing daily exercises based on the famous Powerlifting graph of A.S. Prilepin and the condition of the muscle groups of the practitioner at that time.

Besides, the practitioner can actively swap exercises in the same muscle group. Fitbod is like a “huge library” with countless exercises, including videos with specific instructions in text. It would be perfect if this application stores the user’s training achievements in the past.