Top 5 fitness apps to help you stay at home and still look perfect (Part 2)

3. Asana Rebel

With a treasure of more than 100 different exercises, Asana Rebel is the perfect application for those who want to experience traditional exercises combined with yoga exercises to help burn fat and improve health.
This is an application that many famous names rely on, such as Richard Branson, Lebron James and Jennifer Aniston and the most important thing is that you will not have to spend a penny to use because they are completely free. on the App store.

4. 7 Minute Workout: Fitness App

The name says it all. What you need to do is spend 7 minutes a day to get stronger and have a more balanced body with exercises that directly affect the impact on each body part like the abdomen, buttocks, legs, chest, thighs, etc. In just 7 minutes, users will perform 12 high-intensity exercises, each exercise lasts 30 seconds, between each exercise is 10 seconds of rest. In particular, users will receive a title after conquering specific achievement milestones.

5. Zombies, Run!

First released in 2012, Zombies, Run! has attracted more than 5 million users and became one of the most popular sports applications in the world. With Zombies, Run!, the practitioner will enter a “semi-virtual reality” story and be told by sound, where you must do everything to escape the dangerous “zombies”. All the practitioner has to do is wear a headset and turn on the application to enter the story. Sometimes you need to run very fast when you hear the zombies chasing, sometimes you have to run slowly, even walking to reduce the noise, to avoid the zombies detect. Zombies, Run also provide a platform called Zombielink, which helps players save their adventures. Practitioners can access Zombielink to see more information about their run such as calories burned, running speed or number of zombies caught. To have the above experience, users only have to spend $ 3.99 for the Zombies, Run! or 1.99 USD for Zombies, Run! 5K Training.and four times in the game deciding the match.