Top 5 health monitoring applications your smartphone should have

  1. Runtastic

With the ability to monitor normal physical activities such as cycling, jogging, jumping, Runstatic also helps users easily analyze. Based on the GPS system (Global Positioning) Runtastic can track your distance and time of practice then you can easily analyze based on those results and share them on social networks.

  1. Strava

Strava is one of the best supportive training platforms. Support many exercise regimes such as jogging, swimming and cycling, surfing, skiing, and many other sports. Besides supporting two Android and iPhone platforms, Strava is also compatible with devices that measure heart rate, foot pod, GPS clock, etc.

  1. Endomondo

With many functions to track different sports, Endomondo and the app can record your route, time and speed, check your progress every day, automatically create exercises and divide Share achievements to friends.

On the application, there is a special function that allows you to join the challenge with athletes around the world. Thereby helping you and the participants have more motivation to practice

  1. Human Activity Tracker

Human Activity Tracker (referred to as Human) has a mode called “Daily 30” which helps users to move 30 minutes a day along with common health monitoring features such as walking, running and cycling. GPS navigation.

  1. Moves

Moves app supports tracking your daily sports activities such as walking, cycling, and jogging, including identifying your familiar location. In particular, this application also uses the GPS global positioning system to monitor and illustrate with visual diagrams and save all your physical activity. In addition, Moves also offers a training course to help you practice more methodically and work harder.

Above are the top 5 health monitoring applications on Android phones, iPhones, iPads to help you make the most appropriate choices to use and support you in exercising sports, thereby improving physical, health. In addition to using health applications to monitor and support exercise, reading is also an interesting job to help us gain more knowledge, life experiences, refer to top reading apps or on the phone. will be the best choice to replace the paper book cover.