Top 5 mobile apps that help you train your brain

Mindfulness The daily brain training with logical questions will help to improve your concentration, increase your IQ and reduce the risk of losing your mind later on.

Most of the activity within the human brain remains a mystery to science. However, stimulating the neural network to increase the ability to bind will be very good for the brain. Just like your hands, feet, your brain also needs to “practice” daily through puzzles and logic games. Here is a list of interesting ways to train your brain, and boost your stats.

  1. Lumosity

Lumosity is an application created by neuroscientists that helps to improve certain areas within the brain. The application includes many games to help you improve memory, concentration, flexibility, problem solving and information processing speed. Developers say that just playing a part each day can help boost your thinking and increase your basic IQ.

  1. NeuroNation

NeuroNation gives users basic free lessons, helping you to practice effectively. The application will start with 3 basic elements surrounding 3 main sections: logic, memorization, and concentration. The application will, in turn, unlock higher levels when you finish it. Besides, NeuroNation also scores and lists strengths and weaknesses, as well as strengths in your thinking.

  1. Elevate

appOnce voted by Apple as the best application in 2014, Elevate application helps both read, memorize, focus and many other skills for users. The application is designed with many mini-games balanced between puzzles and does not miss the entertainment nature, helping players feel comfortable and not bored.



  1. Peak

Like Lumosity, Peak is designed based on scientific and educational research to help users improve memory, concentration, and flexibility in solving problems. After each game, Peak will evaluate and analyze the results as a chart. Thereby, you can compare with other players and build yourself a personal training program to achieve a clearer effect.

  1. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer includes over 360 unique games and puzzles, helping you train your mind and logical thinking. The later play will become more and more difficult to create challenges for players. You can also track your results so you can improve your performance and compare it with other players.