Top 5 mobile games for football lovers (Part 2)

Top Eleven

If you are a tactical lover? Not so interested in playing a real match? Do you want to be a coach even more a technical director than a player? So Top Eleven is what you need.

Unlike DLS on mobile or PES and FIFA on PC, players in Top Eleven will become a true manager. From arranging training schedules, clothes, socks to the starting line-up, every move of the player, the game gives us a look and influence on every aspect of the pitch and on the pitch for a manager. physical. You can challenge your friends through mock matches in minutes. The game selected by “The Special” will definitely help you a lot about improving your tactical knowledge, even if you are smart you can completely apply them in real life.

Score Hero

If you are a long-time football fan, you will surely know about Pirlo’s rainbow super-strikes, David Beckham’s banana-flying routes or Roberto Carlos’s unusual orbiting phase. Today’s modern football has rarely had its own peculiar and wild handling. But with Score Hero, that’s what happens as a meal with players.

The gameplay is extremely simple; You just create tectonic lines or finish so that the situation ends each stage must be a goal. Each match will be divided into a few situations, and your job is to score at any cost, if possible, complete the extra tasks associated with each screen (score with 2 touches, score with your head) , 2 assists, …) to cross the screen with the maximum number of stars.

Launching passes or taking shots with hand-drawn lines allows the player to make the passions so virtual that they are literally “only in the game”. This is also the unique thing that attracts players by allowing them to create incredible super products, whether at distance or posture.

Toon Cup 2018

After the hit games with beautiful configurations and the authenticity to the details, if you really need a fun and entertaining football game, try Toon Cup 2018. This is the title game soccer field 3 with the appearance of many famous cartoon characters on the world famous cartoon channel Cartoon Network.

The game allows players to choose the Ben 10, Robin, Gumball, PowerPuff Girl or even 3 bear brothers in the squad. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses, making it easy for you to make calculations before choosing. The game does not emphasize the results during and outside the game, which is why what players get will be the moments of true entertainment. Toon Cup 2018 promises to be a soccer game that gives you lots of laughter after stressful working hours or to break the boring moments.