Top features on iOS 13 that make users excited

As mentioned before, Apple has officially announced iOS 13 at WWDC 2019 event with new features. Let’s see the features on iOS 13!


This is considered the most anticipated iOS user feature. When darkmode is activated, the entire iPhone background will turn black. For devices that use OLED displays such as iPhone X, XS, XS Max, this feature makes the iphone battery last longer.

Improve performance: unlock and open applications twice as fast

Like last year’s iOS 12 update, Apple is interested in improving the performance of its devices, especially for older products. Apple claims that, with iOS 13 version, unlocking by FaceID will be 30% faster and the speed of launching applications is also twice as fast.


On iOS 13, Apple provides users with privacy options. That is, you can prevent or allow any application to track location information, even if they are not opened.

Besides, the new update also adds the “Log in with Apple” feature, similar to the “Sign in with Google” feature or “Sign in with Facebook” currently available.

Data using the “Log in with Apple” permission will be encrypted, meaning that 3rd party applications will access very little information from users, thus increasing the privacy of users’ privacy. .

Reminders application

When you were too bored with reminders because it wasn’t new, Apple recently completely redesigned the iOS 13 Reminders app with a new interface along with adding filtering options like ” Today “,” Scheduled “,” Flagged “or” All “. Apple also integrates AI into this application. You can type in and Reminders will automatically show suggestions when you want to remind something. You can also tag contacts in your contacts and it will prompt you when you open a conversation between you and those contacts in Messages.