Top fitness apps that help improve your physical health (Part 1)

The development of mobile health applications has become a trend and is chosen by many software companies. Not only focus on software, games, photo editing, etc. many companies also choose to develop fitness and gym applications to improve and enhance user health.

Users can choose the exercises that suit their own condition, thereby monitoring their health according to each exercise to and can adjust accordingly. The following article will help you read the exercise applications, improve health on the phone.

  1. Google Fit application

This application comes from Google with the ability to track the health of users on the phone, through the sport activities that users perform. Google Fit will calculate the specific time that you perform an exercise such as jogging, cycling, etc. From there the application will track the user’s health through daily exercises, with a health chart Healthy details.

Some salient features on Google Fit

Track sports activities, user health details.

Provides up to health exercises, tracking user health through calories consumed, weight, etc.

Set fitness goals for each day, each week.

Track nutrition diet, sleep.

Exercise on Google Fit Health Track Goals for users

  1. Samsung Health application

Samsung Health is a health monitoring application familiar to those who use Samsung. Currently the application has been released on the iOS operating system for users to download. Samsung Health also monitors user health through daily and weekly sports activities. Besides, the application will also give tips for us to improve user health.

Samsung Health exercises Exercise objectives

The goals set on the Samsung Health app will also help users easily perform health exercises. The application will track all activities, even daily meals, so you can have a healthier diet.

Typical features of Samsung Health

Check your health through exercises.

Set fitness goals.

Measure health indicators like heart rate, blood pressure, etc.

Compatible with Android devices with configurations 4.4 and up.

Make a diet, practice Practice with friends