Top mobile app for sports lovers (Part 1)

Here are 10 applications that we advise sports lovers, install on our smartphones and enjoy the most interesting things.

Holding on the smartphone also means that you have taken the whole world in small hands. For example, when holding the latest super product Samsung Galaxy S6 or iPhone 6 Plus, you not only have a miniature device to handle the work, but also show your class and luxury. Besides work, it is also a very useful entertainment device, you can play games or surf the web anywhere. And in which sports applications are indispensable for sports lovers.

ESPN (Android, iOS) – Free

This app was formerly called SportsCenter, this is a free app for Android and iOS operating systems, giving users the latest sports news and news worldwide. Moreover, you can search for matches, hot news about teams and tournaments, reviews from experts. ESPN apps are something you shouldn’t miss if you’re a real sports fan. Reading information on ESPN is also a way to improve your English quickly.

WatchESPN (Android, iOS)

If ESPN is focused on bringing the update rate continuously, WatchESPN will show live matches with a variety of channels. This application is for smartphones running on Android and iOS operating systems. For valid subscribers, users can view Monday Night Football, Major League Baseball, Grand Slam tennis tournaments, and ESPN’s SportsCenter. Moreover, with a continuous channel, users can choose to watch outstanding news and events.

CBS Sports (Android, iOS) – Free

CBS Sports application brings personal results, statistics, news and analysis of your favorite teams. This is also a free application for Android and iOS operating systems. This app offers quite a lot of online events, like the NCAA Basketball tournament or the PGA Tour. In addition, you can also access featured videos, listen to expert analysis, or listen online on CBS Sports Radio’s channel.