Top useful applications should be available on every smartphone (Part 1)

The following free applications will help turn your smartphone into a versatile tool, adding new features to meet the daily needs of users.

  1. Manage Internet speed and capacity using 4G on smartphones

You subscribe to the carrier’s 4G service on your mobile device, but don’t know how much 4G is used in the month, as well as the current speed of the Internet, fast or slow. In addition, you are also concerned that using 4G networks too much without management will cause costly (for users who register for 4G postpaid packages). An application to manage total 4G network usage is an appropriate solution in this situation.

Internet Speed ​​Meter is a small and free application that displays detailed information about the current network connection speed on the mobile device, besides, the application also helps to calculate the total amount of Internet used. During the day, week or month, through both Wi-fi and 4G connections, to help users get accurate and complete information about the process of using the Internet on the device.

  1. Application that helps manage income and expenditure in detail

There must be many times we ask the question whether we ran out of money, when we should withdraw the money or What did we spend my money on… Many people have a habit of recording their own expenses on paper to know what they spend their money on, but this takes a lot of time and effort.

Money Lover is an application that was created to make it easier for users to manage their finances, towards saving and spending reasonably … The application allows users to record all expenses done, then synthesized to help them know their consumption habits, from eating, learning, shopping, travel and dating …

With Money Lover, users will know how much their current budget can spend, what money they have spent, how much money has been saved … thereby actively managing personal finance and change consumer behavior in line with the current financial situation.