Two best free music applications for Android phones

Google’s Android operating system is known as a platform that provides almost unlimited demand for the use of features coming from the application to meet its users, and which indispensable to enjoy the sound music on this very ecosystem. If just listening to music alone, there are no fewer than hundreds of different names available on the Google Play Store app store at the current stage with different features, tools, and user interfaces according to Each of its respective developers. Not only Android’s own developers, but even Apple, which is a counterbalance to Google, has arrived in this potentially fertile land. So among the names that provide music on Android today, what is the really impressive name to promise the most advanced experience?

Google Play Music

No matter where we go, we will start with the default features available on the platform we are using, which are often ignored by users for other names available on the Google Play Store. And that will be wrong because Google Play Music itself also brings a small amount of content to make users really immersed inside. With Google’s intelligent upload management system, users can add up to 50,000 different songs from iTunes and similar services to their personal collections.

Besides, if you sign up to use the different service packages of Google Play Music, you will have unlimited access to all categories of content from Google Play and YouTube Red. This means that content about digital videos, not just music, will be fully delivered without any discomfort from advertising caused by free use, or participation. on the direct development of YouTube Red to enhance the better experience


BlackPlayer is a name that is not widely known in the music player, but that can not be denied the quality it brings, as well as an intuitive interface with dozens of tools. customization and hidden features under that look. The support of sliding application touch gestures on BlackPlayer allows users to better navigate in viewing and categorizing a library of users, when possible by name, musician, artist, etc. Or on the main screen, the horizontal swipe of the application allows users to fast forward professionally move to the next or previous track without having to do this same as on the previous touch buttons arranged on the screen anymore.