What is interesting about the upcoming special iPhone?

Recently, Apple announced that it is about to launch an iPhone not for ordinary people, making the Apple fan community extremely curious. Will Apple’s upcoming phone have anything hot that ordinary people can’t buy?

At a meeting at the Black Hat 2019 annual meeting, Apple’s Security Director, Mr. Ivan Krstic, announced that the company would start offering special iPhones to security experts to help this group of people detect holes and gaping before the bad guys. Prior to that, he spent 50 minutes lecturing about Apple’s security efforts on hardware and software. Because for a long time, Apple has always considered system security as one of the priorities in its products.

Special iPhone


It is known that this iPhone will remove some security features, allowing users to access deeper than usual. Answering to Bloomberg correspondent, Krstic said that the special iPhone will disable some security features and that experts will have easier access to the device. The program is expected to start in 2020.

In addition, the company also announced expanding the reward program for people who find bugs in the product, applies to Mac operating systems, Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPad. Apple is running the same program for iOS, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad operating systems. Anyone who finds and reports bugs to Apple is paid a maximum of $ 200,000 (about 4.6 billion) but the company is still criticized for not paying much attention to prevent errors that may affect users. Apple will reward 50% more if the error is in the beta (beta).

In addition, the iPhone maker costs $ 1 million for more advanced security vulnerabilities and $ 500,000 for access to user data.

iPhone may have passed its peak

The fact that Apple stopped announcing smartphone sales in the next quarters is one of the signs that the iPhone may go down.

After the fourth quarter of 2018, with iPhone sales almost flat compared to the same period last year, Apple said it won’t announce specific iPhone, iPad and Mac sales from the next quarter.