Which phone company is the most durable nowadays? (Part 1)

There are many well-known and diverse phone manufacturers to choose from. But what do users need from a phone right now? This is a question that can be answered in many respects because it depends on each person and on each need. And this article I focus on finding out which phone company is the most durable today.

Let’s find out now!

In this article, we learn about 5 major phone companies that are storming the market, namely Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo. Sure you know these 5 hit brands, and now let’s learn about them a bit!

  1. Apple phone

When it came to Apple, we certainly think of popular technology products such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macbook, and nowadays, they are very beautiful line of computers with beautiful screen.

Apple is known as the leading technology corporation in the United States and today they are still leading in the games they participate. Apple products are always highly appreciated for their superior quality, design, and technology, the ability to deliver great user experiences.

Through decades of development, Apple has always been in the “dominant position”, is a big, prestigious brand that no technology fan would not want to own their products, so It is not surprising that it is ranked the top 1 of the topic of the most durable phone company today.

Especially Apple products although the “dots” of the camera are not as high as Samsung or Oppo but the quality of photography always belongs to excellent category. This is also one of the reasons that many people become fans of Apple.

  1. Samsung phone

Which phone company is the most durable today? No one else is Samsung, this brand is still leading the Android smartphone market. With dense coverage in all segments from 2-3 million to more than 30 million.

In the last few years, Samsung has grown stronger and stronger, you can easily see the development and perfection through each launch of new smartphone models, especially its two high-end models including Samsung Galaxy S & Samsung Galaxy Note.