Youtube Vanced Review: Comfortable watching videos without worrying about advertising

Vanced Youtube is a mod version of Youtube application on Android operating system. This application has many cool features that YouTube often does not have. Typically, you can listen to music on Youtube without opening the screen, etc. Let’s find out more in the following Youtube Vanced review.

This feature allows Youtube Vanced to be displayed on other applications under a small frame, so you can browse YouTube while surfing Facebook or work with other convenient applications. This feature allows you to be uninterrupted when watching videos, while handling another task.

The trend today is that people often like to listen to music on Youtube because of the richness of music on this platform. But the biggest weakness that I see when listening to music on YouTube is that the user has to open the phone screen always bright, which causes the battery to drop very quickly. But that is only the past when there are Youtube Vanced.


After clicking on the headphone icon, the video immediately disappears but still sounds, only displayed on the notification

I did a test of Youtube battery and original battery consumption in 58 minutes of music playback, with Wifi connection and same screen brightness. The results show that battery consumption has a big difference.

Original Youtube: 9%

Youtube Vanced: 2%

Therefore, I think this is a great feature for those who like to listen to music on YouTube like me. This feature is both convenient and very energy efficient for the device.

In about 58 minutes, the YouTube Vanced music player only takes 2% thanks to the screen turning off when listening.

Watching videos on YouTube and appearing ads, is something many users complain about. Usually the ads will be innocuous, but sometimes it’s quite meaningless or not very positive. You will no longer have this trouble using Youtube Vanced, which allows you to turn off ads when watching videos.