Imagine a life without smartphones. The impact of mobile technology has been felt in most aspects of our lives, and there is more still to come. Most people use smartphones to escape boredom. This essentially means that, besides communication, smartphones are entertainment gadgets.

Here is a list of smartphone apps that will keep you entertained.

MX Player

Movie buffs can now enjoy their favorite movies on their smartphones. As much as you can watch a movie using the default video players, MX player takes the watching-experience to an entirely new level. This app is known to provide superior hardware acceleration, pinch to zoom feature, pan, and multi-core decoding among others. If by any chance you have watched a movie using MX player, you understand why it is among the most popular app on Google Play.


If you are into sports, TV shows, or you are just that type of person that wants to enjoy a flick, you certainly need to download HotStar. This app provides you with an extensive movie catalog that is continuously updated. You can also stream live games, and pause as you please. So if you are into video entertainment, you certainly need to have this app on your smartphone. Why should you download videos illegally when you can watch them for free?


Quora is primarily a social app. Unlike other social apps, this app is solely designed to help people get solutions or answers to any concerns on their minds. You only need to post the question, and you will be amazed by the responses you get. Unlike social media sites, you can be sure that the type of answers you get are objective, which implies that you also need to be objective when asking questions here.

These are just a few of many apps that can help you fight boredom and keep you entertained.