Samsung has ambitions to develop transparent smartphones

A new patent issued by Samsung shows the Korean tech firm’s ambition to develop a transparent smartphone. In the context of the smartphone market becoming saturated with products with similar designs, manufacturers are actively developing.

There are products with distinctive technologies and designs that make it more competitive than the competition. After the launch of folding screen smartphones, it is likely that in the future, Samsung will launch a smartphone with a transparent design.

They have described the technology that makes the entire smartphone transparent. So that it can see through, but still ensures full functionality as a regular smartphone.

LetsGoDigital technology page has relied on detailed Samsung patent description to design a complete product. That is to help describe more clearly about the transparent screen smartphone of Samsung.

The build image of LetsGoDigital shows that the product owns a curved screen design similar to other high-end smartphones from Samsung. However, the body of the camera is completely transparent and can be seen through.

Of course, Samsung would have to develop transparent components for use inside the product. And this is not an easy job given the current technological limitations.

There is another question, besides being different and unique about the design. What other benefits does a transparent screen smartphone bring to the user? And do users really want to own a transparent smartphone or not?

It should be noted that not all technology patents registered by firms will be applied in practice. Big technology companies often have a habit of patenting exclusive features on their products. This is usually only intended to help firms protect their products.

Sony has also released the Xperia Pureness X5 with a transparent screen design. With the screen above the see-through and the physical keyboard at the bottom. However, this is not a successful product in terms of sales.