Which phone company is the most durable nowadays? (Part 2)

  1. Huawei phone carrier

The world has witnessed a rapid development, a spectacular breakthrough of Huawei in the smartphone market. Huawei – This Chinese technology company is gradually becoming a “formidable” opponent because it wants to occupy the lucrative market share of Apple and Samsung phone brands.

Currently, Huawei is the third largest market share in the world, showing the gap between the two giants Apple and Samsung are currently very small. In particular, Huawei’s biggest competitive advantage is the price and belongs to the top of the most durable phone companies today.

Although not really diverse, Huawei’s smartphone products also span many segments. If you’re interested, Huawei’s two most high-end product lines are Huawei Mate and Huawei P.

  1. Xiaomi phone company

A pretty cute and familiar name, Xiaomi brand is always famous for its good quality products that are extremely affordable. This is also the reason for the company to quickly gain a foothold in the smartphone market.

The two most high-end Xiaomi phones you should know are Xiaomi Mi and Xiaomi Mi Mix.

  1. Oppo phone company

Appearing on the Chinese market since 2004. As an electronics manufacturing corporation, OPPO specializes in manufacturing and supplying: Smartphones, MP3 players, and LCD TVs, DVD / Blu-ray, etc.

Very sensitive to grasp the trend of young people. Together with the smart product marketing strategy, Oppo has made it into the top 5 of smartphone court brands n largest demand in 2018.

It can be said that Oppo is becoming a leading choice of young people with the orientation “Oppo – Camera Phone”. The company has proven its strength in the development and improvement of increasingly smart smartphones.

Outperforming Oppo smartphones is also considered as a professional photographic device, worthy of being in the top of the most durable phone brands today.

If you are interested in Oppo phones, find out the 5 best Oppo phones today.