iPhone 6s may be stopped from updating iOS

iOS 14 could be the last major update to the first-generation iPhone 6s and iPhone SE series. The Verifier says iOS 14 coming out this year will be the last major update to the original iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and iPhone SE. That means iOS 15, scheduled to release in 2021, will only support iPhone 7 and 7 Plus and above.

According to PhoneArena, this source is not too well known, but correctly guessed about new iOS devices. The Verifier said that iOS 12 will not support iPhone 5s and iPhone 6. This year, the above source predicts that all devices that support iOS 13 will be updated to iOS 14. That’s 2 accurate information.

5 years is a long time to support updates for smartphones. Most Android devices launched in 2015 are no longer supported by manufacturers to update software. Even the first generation Google Pixel has only been updated for 3 years.

Meanwhile, an iPhone generation usually has an update time of 4-5 years. When launched in 2015, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus had iOS 9 pre-installed but were still upgraded to iOS 14. As for the original iPhone SE, this device was released for a long time and had a successor.

Of course, the performance between the A9 processor on the iPhone 6s, iPhone SE compared to the iPhone 12’s A14 Bionic is very different. However, basic tasks such as calling, texting, and taking photos are still quite good on the original iPhone 6s or iPhone SE.

It is not clear what innovation iOS 15 will have. This year, iOS 14 brings many improvements such as the ability to place widgets on the home screen, application gallery.

iOS 14 also adds the ability to choose a default browser and email app. The interface of incoming calls in the app and Siri is also more compact, not taking up the entire screen as before. This feature is named Compact UI.

If according to the schedule every year, iOS 15 will be introduced by Apple at the developer conference. Meanwhile, the official version of iOS 15 could be released when the 2021 iPhones hit the shelves, usually September or October.