Is iPhone 11 worth buying more than iPhone XR?

Although the new iPhone has many improvements, the good price of the iPhone XR makes it also a very worthy smartphone.

During the iPhone 11 launch event, Apple surprised many by announcing the price of this phone is $ 699, cheaper than last year’s iPhone XR model. iPhone XR is still maintained at $ 599.

So users should offset an additional amount to get a new iPhone? Here are the comparisons and tests from Cnet.

Design is not much difference

iPhone 11 and XR have almost the same front. The difference is on the back, with the iPhone 11’s dual camera cluster. In addition, the iPhone 11 has more purple, mint, and yellow, while the Phone XR only comes in canary yellow, coral blue and blue.

In the drop tests, both devices proved to be quite durable. Dropping iPhone 11 from a height of about 90 cm, 182 cm and 260 cm, the phone did not break the glass on the front and back, only scratching the camera assembly. Similar test with iPhone XR, when the machine fell from a height of about 150 cm and hit the screen, the screen cracked.

Both phones are waterproof, but the iPhone 11 is IP68 certified, while the iPhone XR is IP67 certified. However, when tested, the iPhone XR still rings normally when immersed for 19 minutes at a depth of 5 m. Because last year’s iPhone XR is far more resistant to water than the standard Apple announced, it is likely that this year’s iPhone 11 can also be more resistant to water than the IP68 standard.

Both phones are equipped with a 12-megapixel main camera, but the iPhone 11 has a second camera with super-wide shooting angle, 12-megapixel resolution. It also has a night mode (Night Mode) that allows better photography in dark light conditions.

In general, outdoor photos in good light conditions of both machines are equally brilliant. Photos from the iPhone 11 are sharper and significantly better, especially when viewed in full resolution.

Camera of iPhone 11 for better light capture ability than the previous generation.