10 good apps for iPhone you should not miss (part 2)

  1. Snapseed (Free)

Snapseed is a great application for iPhone that helps to fix photos for iPhone extremely powerful. Owning many photo editing features with an easy-to-use interface, the application is easy enough for “dreamers” to learn how to use and strong enough for experts to nod. In addition, there is a built-in RAW image editor, which not only applies to RAW photos taken from iPhone cameras but also from DSLR cameras. If you have to choose to install only a single photo application, select Snapseed.

  1. Pacifica

Pacifica is a stress relief app on the iPhone that has a beautiful and easy-to-use design with tools created by psychologists to help users solve stress, anxiety, depression and health problems. Other psychology.

Based on cognitive behavioral therapy and other principles, the application includes songs, relaxing sounds, mood monitoring, journaling and more.

Pacifica is a stress relief application on iPhone that has a beautiful design and easy to use. Although the application can be downloaded for free and trial, however, to have unlimited access to all of the app’s features, you will need to purchase a subscription starting at $ 5.99 per month.

  1. SoundCloud 

SoundCloud is a good application for iPhone to listen to music with a very simple interface and design as well as to help users in the most optimal way, for example, with a very simple interactive system. The one-touch interface can allow music playback, as well as pause, or skip tracks you don’t like. And especially, your favorite music album will be in the same place, making it easy to find your favorite songs to listen to.

SoundCloud has an excellent, world-class design with superior sound quality. If you are using iPhone and iPad feel the secret in downloading music, SoundCloud is a great application for you. Do not hesitate anymore but you do not download this amazing SoundCloud application for your mobile phone. Let you get great tunes from all over the world.