6 gym mobile apps that have the most downloads nowadays (Part 2)

  1.  Pro Fitness

If you are looking to build your own home fitness regime to get a toned physique, you should refer to this Pro Fitness gym app. Pro Fitness not only helps you get a training regime to build muscle, tighten muscles, lose weight, but also track each exercise to get the most accurate and accurate analysis.

  1. App Gym Wp

Gym Wp with over 500 exercises along with images with detailed instructions to help ensure that the exercise can be easily followed.

This gym app also gives you science training routines, appropriate fitness curricula for your purposes: weight loss, weight gain, muscle gain, chest muscle growth, etc.

The above functions, the Gym Wp also has the additional function of estimating muscle fatigue, the time required for muscle recovery, from which a reasonable exercise regime brings about high efficiency.

Keep track of your weight, thereby making analytics and determining goals for each physique + Can calculate your fat, and give BMI.

Really very useful, right? So why wait any longer without installing the gym application on this phone and come on.

  1. Home fitness application Fitness & Body Building

This gym app is really useful that will help you easily achieve the results you want in just a short period of time.

Just like the gym app above, Fitness & Body Building will help you build a workout program for yourself with exercises that are described in detail by video.

There are many people after using this gym application that often describes it as an “enthusiastic and professional” virtual personal coach.

As always, each exercise is suitable for each muscle group, and a calendars for them, as well as monitoring and reminders very closely during exercise.

  1. Gym Guider Offline

One strong point of this application is that it is free to use on Iphone and Android phones. Especially even if you are not connected to the internet, you can still practice according to the instructions in this gym app.

With over 100 different exercises with photos and specific descriptions will help you easily practice.

Gym Guider Offline will provide exercises that you can train the main muscle groups including Chest, shoulders, buckets, back, calves, abdomen, etc.

With this gym app you can choose your own gym schedule, 3 sessions a week, 4 sessions 1 week, or 5, 6 sessions a week depending on your ability and time.