Five gym applications for women you should not miss (Part 1)

Nowadays, as our lives improve, we become more concerned about our health. However, due to many reasons, many people cannot go to the gym to exercise. Understanding this, today Taimienphi will bring the best fitness applications for women, men, home fitness applications today for you to refer and practice.

If the above is 5 gym applications suitable for all subjects, these 5 applications are only for girls.

  1. Female Fitness

This is a gym application for women that is downloaded and used by many people. Because it only takes 7 minutes a day to practice but you can easily get a fit body.

The exercises that Female Fitness brings to work to burn belly fat, buttocks to help the legs and waist become more and more slim. All the exercises in this gym app for women are built by professional coaches, it’s like having a personal gym coach right in your phone.

In addition, when practicing you also get a lot of useful tips to be able to achieve high efficiency for yourself.

This free gym app also tracks your weight and calories burned so you can easily get body changes. From there there is more motivation.

  1. Gym application on the phone Leg Workouts For Women

You have 1 pair of fat legs, unbalanced with your body?

So why not immediately install the app Leg Workouts For Women gym. And here is what you get when using this gym app:

The Leg Workouts For Women gym app makes it easy to get slim legs

+ The application is divided into 2 levels: Beginners and advanced to suit each object

+ Give you over 100 exercises with specific instructions with videos and animations

+ Offer exercises specifically for reducing fat that is not your slender legs. And only after 30 days of home training with the app you will have toned and sexy thighs. It also helps to make your buttocks curvy and rounder.

+ This gym app for girls will give you a certain workout plan, you can practice according to the plan and you can adjust it according to your liking.

+ 1 more thing is, so that you do not get discouraged and “undisciplined”, this application also features reminders of your daily practice very closely.