A Review about Motorola One Action

The Motorola One Action is your suitable choice if you want something for sub £250 with regular security updates and the latest Android OS.

Motorola was a household name amongst the smartphone industry in about 10 years ago. The Motorola brand was big and had a large fanbase although you’ll be able to recall the ‘hello Moto’ adverts which were as popular as they were annoying.

The Motorola One Action is one of the latest models whe the US vendor does still make smartphones though Motorola might not be at the forefront of consumers’ thoughts these days when buying a new handset.

The hardware specs

As one would expect from a modern phone, It comes with a headphone jack located at the top of the phone while on button and the volume controls is located on the side of the device. The ‘denim’ blue colour strangely give off a cool feel. Looking at back almost resembles a Huawei P30 with its triple-camera set up and the front of the phone reminds of the Samsung S10 with its punch-hole type notch.

The location of the fingerprint sensor impressed when the phone was set up, the fact that it responds well to when touching it was more impressed. The fingerprint sensors often can be mightily frustrating because they don’t perform so well.

In this case, the One Action comes equipped with a triple-camera, high-end or even lower-end, that seems the norm for most phones now in the camera department. As for quality, nothing extraordinary as seen below although the 16MP ultra-wide lens allows to take some good images. I can be said that in this category it probably falls short.

When using any smartphone, another important feature to consider is after putting the One Action through its paces, it holds up well as well as the quality of the battery. Again with a 3,500mAh battery brilliant value for money, it’s worth looking at the price of the phone.