Is Apple iPhone XS Max mobile phone worth it?

The iPhone X is the smartphone that affirms the class of the owner. The latest smartphone with a completely new appearance, extremely attractive and this model quickly created a trend of “rabbit ears design” has been very popular throughout the years.



Screen is the most prominent upgrade of iPhone XS Max. The screen size of the iPhone XS Max has been significantly increased, up to 6.5 inches instead of 5.8 inches as on the iPhone X.

In the hand of the iPhone XS Max, you will feel that the screen is really big, has a very thin screen border and Super AMOLED screen technology for high pixel density, the image shows smooth, detailed to a great experience while watching movies or playing games.

With a Touch Sample Rate of 120Hz, the touches on the screen will be monitored every 8.3ms, which means that your touch operations will be very fast, very sensitive and more accurate.

Battery Life

Instead of equipping a battery with a capacity of just 2716mAh as before, the new iPhone X has a battery capacity of up to 3,174mAh, which is quite good, it allows users to use it more comfortably, for a long time, which is more than 1-1.5 hours.


Equipped with a camera system that has many new features in both hardware and software, so it has a faster and more sensitive sensor. At the same time, the Apple A12 processor has brought a number of new features to the camera such as Smart HDR *, adjusting or removing fonts after shooting.

Smart HDR *

When you turn on/on this mode, the image will have a wide range of light, including photos taken in the sun, but also get a lot of details both in the morning and evening.


In general, there are many users who think that there is nothing special while the price is quite high, moreover, it is the model in the top of the most stable phone companies today when asked.