Top useful applications should be available on every smartphone (Part 2)

  1. Photo editing application should be available on every smartphone

You often use your smartphone to take pictures and want to improve the quality of captured images? That is the reason for the introduction of mobile image processing applications. There are a lot of applications with editing functions, adding effects to images on smartphones, and one of the most appreciated apps is SnapSeed.

Snapseed is a photo editing software developed by Google and one of the software with a large user base on both Android and iOS, competing with other software like VSCO Cam and Picarts. SnapSeed is also a photo editing application for mobile platforms, that provides functions that allow users to easily edit images such as cropping, rotating images, changing the brightness, enhancing the detail of the image, blurring the font, deleting excess details on the image … the application also provides filters to create beautiful effects on the image.

This is an application developed by Google itself, still considered the best quality application and top image editing on smartphones (including Android and iOS).

  1. Turn smartphones into useful versatile tools

You need to determine the direction but not having the compass in hand? Or do you want to measure a small object but not having a ruler? You want to calculate how many days from the previous day to the next day? Or do you want to know the current time in another city in the world? You can do these with the help of Smart Tools.

Smart Tools is a free application that brings together functions to turn your smartphone into a versatile and useful device in life. The application provides many features such as compass, sound meter, footstep device, and world time zone …

With Smart Tools, you only need to install an application that is enough to meet your business requirements without installing many different applications on your smartphone.