Best dating apps (part 1)

Dating apps quite suck, yet then so does dating. Looking for the right person may be a real chore. Also, if you are one busy person, there may not be the time to hang around in bars. Thus, why not use the smartphone to find your special someone? In this age more dominated by screens, not only large but also small, there is no better way of improving your chances in your quest for love or fun than by involving in a digital dating board.

You know, there has been a specific stigma toward dating through dating apps and third-parties, yet that is fading since apps like these turn into the usual way of meeting as well as connecting with other single people. For helping you navigate the dating apps’ deluge, we’ve chosen some of the most impressive dating apps, and some of those that manage to bring something original to the table. Hopefully, the arrow of Cupid is in your favor — yet even when it isn’t, they will be useful for you to get back on the horse quickly.

  1. Tinder

It is among the most popular dating apps today, and as such, it becomes an obvious option to come first on your list of the dating apps. It is successful in developing long-distance relationships as well as successful marriages. It has long been accused of switching up dating into a specific form of hookup game. Yet, it’s the dating’s king for a reason.

This great app does not ask you to have one Facebook account anymore, yet you do need to be older than 18 years old. Once enabled, you will be able to set up one brief profile that includes one 500-character bio as well as as many as six images (including one photo or the best selfie).