Impress your friends by the best Smartphone tips and tricks (part 2)

  1. To email large files (IOS)

iPhones are added Mail Drop by iOS 9.2, so you’ll get a prompt to use when you email a huge file from your phone. Mail uploads the file to iCloud, supplying the download link which valid for 30 days in stead of attaching it

  1. To find out which use up your battery power

All the major smartphone OSes now have detailed readouts of where all your battery power is going, so you can find the worst offenders and uninstall them if necessary after having a root through the Settings app.

  1. To speed up charging with aeroplane mode

if you’re in a rush you probably want your phone to charge up as quickly as possible. In doing so, put it in aeroplane mode. It will charge more quickly and use pretty less battery life.

  1. Use your voice to turn off wifi

You can turn off Wi-Fi with your voice through visual assistants such as Google Now, Siri and Cortana. To achieve the desired result you must open your app of choice and say “turn off Wi-Fi”. You can also use Bluetooth to do it as well.

  1. To change the keyboard (IOS and ANDROID)

The use of third-party keyboards is now support by both iOS  and Android. You can do everything from apply a few neural network to add extra emojis which process power to the autocorrect feature of your phone.

  1. To access hidden safe mode (ANDROID)

A hidden safe mode (like Windows) is useful for troubleshooting with disabled third-party apps. To access it, long press on the power button of the Android’s power off menu.

  1. To control your desktop

Some kind of remote control functionality are built in a few apps such as Spotify and YouTube. You should take a look at the likes of Alfred or Unified Remote if you want overall control of the desktops of your laptop or computer.