Microsoft President called for the end of Huawei ban

Microsoft President Brad Smith has called on the United States to end its ban on U.S. companies from cooperating with Huawei and want to grant Windows software to the Chinese company’s computers.

Huawei was blacklisted by the Trump administration in May for allegedly posing a threat to U.S. security. That prevents US companies from providing their latest technology.

Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft recently spoke in an interview, saying that the US-imposed ban on Huawei should be reviewed, to make sure everything is done “appropriately”. logic, logic and law compliance ”. Microsoft itself is also one of the first corporations to “listen” to the US president, to cease all cooperation with Huawei after Mr. Trump signed the decree to declare a state of emergency, thereby implicitly embargo Huawei and prohibit US corporations from working with the Chinese tech giant.

According to Mr. Smith, the arguments for Huawei ban are still very sketchy and unreasonable. Microsoft is also trying to save the supply chain of technology components that over the years they have trusted to choose partners from China.

Microsoft itself knows more than anyone, President Trump wants to embargo on Huawei to create a rivalry between the two current technology powers, the United States and China. Mr. Smith said that creating a competition cannot make a powerhouse a technologically dominant country: β€œIt will not be possible to become a technology leader if your product was not brought to the whole world. OK”. In addition, Mr. Smith also added that instead of competing with each other, governments must work together to make country become a leader in the technology market.

Brad Smith also added that he did not believe that US security would be “weakened” by allowing Huawei customers to use the operating system or Office application. “Governments around the world will have to address their national security needs,” he said.