The Funniest Games to Play on Your Mobile Devices (part 1)

There are certain games which are the most fun games to play online for free and can be played on your PC and mobile as well. If there is a gap in your schedule in which you feel that you need something which can keep you busy for some time, then this is your answer, you can play these games online without downloading them and with other players easily. These games are not that intensive, and they can smoothly run on any of the device or the browser you want.

Here is a list of such fun free online games you can play on the browser of iPhone and iPad:

1. Troll Face Quest

Wonder what’s so funny about trolling? Well, nobody knows exactly. But troll games are entertaining, just like this game. Troll Face Quest seems like a regular survival game, where you must escape through each level of danger. However, here is the twist: the most obvious solutions are always fatal. The actual solutions, on the other hand, would be trolls. Get ready to wander across one of the stupidest and most hilarious games ever.

2. Fleeing the Complex – Let escape the complex!

Follow the adventures of Henry Stickman as he tries to escape the prison complex in an unknown location. Every decision leads to a new scenario, with more choices. Only one option can advance Henry further towards freedom, while every other leads to death or worse. However, it would be best if you were quick with the decisions; after all, prison escape is not known to be slow. What makes this game so amazing is the hooking story and deep gameplay. 

3. Whack Your Soulmate

How funny would whack your lover actually be? Well, a lot. Whack Your Soulmate is a hilarious game that involves a guy and a girl, and a lot of seemingly meaningless objects.