Online Arcade Games You Will Want to Dive Into


Based on the kinds of games in a classic arcade, arcade games are usually 2D and straightforward to play. If you’re looking for some games to delve into, read through the list below. 

  1. Cat Simulator: Kitty Craft

In the cat simulator game, it’s possible for you to choose from various breeds of kittens! You’re a cat living in a large house. You feel too constrained, though. Select a map to play on and destroy things to cause chaos. You can buy a beautiful cat house using the coins that you earn.

Seven different houses with gardens are available to play and discover. You need to pass six various quests to complete the level. 

Use WASD or the arrow keys to move. Jump using the Spacebar. Hold to jump higher.

  1. Stickman Hook

In the game, you swing a stickman’s hook to help him reach the finish line! As easy as this may sound, you’re required to account for the hook’s angle and gravity. How the hook is swung has to do with how the stickman moves. 

Many levels are featured in the game; each of them comes with a different challenge. The stickman graphics are fresh. The controls are straightforward.

Attach the hook and swinging pressing your left mouse button.

  1. FireBoy and WaterGirl: Forest Temple

Here, you’re required to control both elemental characters. Guide them through various epic temple environments. The game is full of fun and challenges, as you have to take control of both characters’ movements. You can play with a friend or try to do this on your own.

One of the characters can bypass some areas of each level. You’re asked to flip switches and do some actions to let both characters advance. During each level, you’re asked to gather different crystals and finish the puzzles as quickly as you can. With engaging levels, fun gameplay, and cute graphics, the game sure will bring you tons of fun. 

Use your arrow keys to take control of the fireboy. Control water girl using WAD.