The Funniest Games to Play on Your Mobile Devices (part 2)

3. Whack Your Soulmate

You must choose these objects and see who kills whom. But it is the actual death that is the funniest. Fair warning: it is not for people with soft bellies. But lovers of dark humor would undoubtedly enjoy this game.

4. Apple Shooter

Remember the time Robin Hood had to shoot an apple off someone’s head? It’s time for you to repeat the feat. Your task is to shoot the apple kept over the head of your friend. The controls include setting the direction and power of the arrow. When you miss, the arrow might land up inside the man, resulting in a sad death. But apart from that, the game is hilarious and will keep you asking for more.

5. PC Smash

Everyone feels rage quite often, but we do not always find the place to vent out that anger. Well, now you have it. PC Smash is a straightforward game that has only one objective: smash. You can assault your PC as much as you want, till every single component of the machine has broken down. Then you can repair it and start again. Sure, the charm of the game is not persistent, and you would soon get bored with it. However, the game is damn funny as long as it lasts.

6. Just Type This – Just type your way to win!

Any idea what you would have to do in the game? Yeah, just type. You have to type whatever text that appears on the screen, which is also the instruction about the game. However, some traps and obstacles want to keep you from typing. You must combine some impressive typing speed with accurate timing, and escape the traps for as long as possible. Apart from being funny, it can also improve your typing skills!