Best mobile games to play (part 1)

Mobile games are famous as a good distraction at your lives’ worst times – for example, long train journeys. Still, many of them ask for a permanent connection of the Internet that is not always easy to access. So, in this post, we are going to provide you with some of the best games that you can play entirely offline for free.

Mobile games evolve by year. From the beginnings as a fast entertainment for those with high-end products, they have become a well-established habit and involved in the video games’ integration into the popular culture.

They are usually the best defense you have against certain everyday situations’ deadly boredom. However, some of them use your Internet connection, thus preventing you from playing them as the network abandons you.

There are many online games, but the mobile game is much more convenient because you can take them just about anywhere. Offline games like the following are fantastic. What are you waiting for but dive into them right now.

Ultimate Boxing

This impressive game is reasonably challenging for you as far as the mobile game goes. It is famous as a one on one boxing-related simulator game. The rival is the computer program; that is why you have to be fast and strategic with the actions. It is necessary to use the heavy punches, jabs as well as blocks at the appropriate moments for defeating this fearsome foe!

The game is designed for being true to the real-life boxing. The defenses and attacks you will rely on work much the way that they do for the real boxer. Similarly to it is supposedly realistic, you will notice that throwing punches blindly will land you flat on the back. There need some strategies. For instance, conserve your stamina and learn your opponent’s repetitions.